Kos Kindness

For our 2015 appeal we worked closely with Kos Kindness who distributed the 924 bags we sent to the island for the refugees and received the additional items we sent with the funds we raised. They are an organisation of volunteers who focused on helping local people until the refugee crisis started affecting the small island of Kos and as soon as they started arriving on the beaches Kos Kindness leant a helping hand.

They run entirely on donations and unpaid volunteers and work with the refugees who arrive on dingy’s and refugees in camps. They provide food, water and shelter when possible. With monetary donations they have been able to pay for rent for some of the most vulnerable refugee families on the island to make sure they have shelter during the worst of the winter months. Their work is invaluable and they have helped so many people over the last few years. Any money they receive goes towards supplies and distributing them out to refugees. Over the Christmas period, they try to put small gift packages together to distribute out to families and this is something that our appeal also focuses on and is one of the main reasons we chose to support Kos Kindness.

You can find out more about all of the work they do on the tiny island of Kos by visiting their Facebook page!